Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alone in The Town

Alone in The Town

I ran around Silent Hill and decided to jot down the names of stores/businesses/whatever I came across.
I’ll go by street name. Not all the stores are jotted down, I just started off in Silent Hill 2 and I’m not on the other side of
town yet. lol. I can say off the bat the first thing I saw on the way to town was Silent Hill Ranch.
This is PART 1.

Neely St (not in any particular order)
Lucky Jade Restaurant
Air International- Silent Hill Travel Service
Quiet Cocktails
Fashion Boutique
Dry Cleaners
Pet Center
Neighborhood Cafe
Silent Jewelers
Baby’s Closet
I Love Groovy Music
Big Jay’s
Grand Market
???? Burritos
World Clock ??? Sales
GIGA Computers
Silent Hill Tavern
Silent Hill Fresh Meats
The Dance Company
Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center
Gozo’s Sushi
Kent Shoes
Happy Burger
Neely’s Bar
Auto Parts
American Cafe & Caterer
Katz St
Fancy Gifts
T’s Italian Restaurant
Accurate Fabricating & Wielding
Cafe Texan
????? Session ??? OTY
???? wood?
Cafe Mist
Sanders St
Magical Envelopes
Silent Hill Post Office
Speed Fuelcorp
Gonzale’s Mexican Restaurant
Advanced Graphic Service
Executive Office
Happy Burger
Super Store- Baby Goods
Rose Clothing
Saul St
Lakeside Diner
Lindsey St
Ridgeview Medical Clinic
Solid- Auto & Truck repair
D Exchange
Phoenix Body
Genuine Optical
Wiltse Rd
The Road Runner

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